Chicago Celebrates Day of the Dead

Originally written Oct. 30


Chicagoans take pictures of deceased loved ones projected onto The National Museum of Mexican Art on Sunday October 29.

Yvonne Bustos pulled out her camera as the smiling face of her friend’s grandmother was projected on the façade of the National Museum of Mexican Art.

Yvonne  has been attending the museum’s Day of the Dead event for as long as she can remember. The museum has celebrated the Mexican holiday of remembrance for 30 years with exhibitions inside, yet Sunday night was the second year it had honored the deceased with a slideshow projected across the wall’s of the museum’s main space.

“This is actually the park I grew up playing and this is the museum I’ve come to since I’m a baby so the area is just really close, and today is something that we can all come and get together, it’s personal for me also,” said Bustos.

The day is personal for many in the Pilsen neighborhood, known for its large Mexican community. A popular way to honor the dead is to create alters called Ofrendas, which are decorated with pictures, flowers, candles and other items the deceased loved.

“Usually we have exhibitions inside about personal ofrendas, so we were thinking why don’t we make our festival bigger this year and have our museum itself become a giant ofrenda so people could recognize people from their community by literally seeing them projected 20 feet high in the air,” said Eric Garcia, teaching artist for the National Museum of Mexican Art.

Over 10,000 people gathered outside to see loved ones from the community projected onto the building, many taking pictures on their phones to have a piece of the night.

“I help to upload the pictures of people’s deceased loved ones and the family asks me a lot of questions about it and happen to get really emotional cause it means a lot to them that they get this recognition on the building,” said receptionist, Dora Becerra.

Garcia said that the slideshow projection will likely continue in the years to come due to its popularity. “Dias Muertos is about remembering loved ones who are no longer with us, so we wanted to make a bigger interactive ofrenda with the museum, it’s been really nice.”


Gary Johnson Appeals to Young Voters

Originally written Oct. 13


Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson attempted to put recent foreign policy gaffes behind him, touting his growing popularity with young voters in a speech yesterday at the University of Chicago.

Speaking to a crowd of more than 100, Johnson said younger voters were frustrated by the current two-party system and that his was the party of the future.
“When I was in college, if you weren’t a Democrat you didn’t have heart, and later in life if you weren’t a Republican there were those who said you didn’t have a brain. Well, you know what, I think we all have hearts and brains and I think that’s the Libertarian party,” said Johnson.

In recent polls Clinton is shown struggling to keep voters under the age of 35. A poll from Quinnipiac University displays her dropping from a 24-point lead to only 5, leaving many younger voters shifting to Johnson.

Johnson has been on the defensive since an appearance last on MSNBC when the former New Mexico governor did not know where Aleppo was and could not name a world leader he respected.

“Is because you can dot the I’s and cross the T’s on names of foreign leaders or geographic locations, if that’s the qualification, that’s not going to keep our country safe and be a great president. It’s been about a week since I was asked these questions and to be honest I still can’t come up with a name,” said Johnson.

His blunders on live T.V. have left many voters questioning his fitness to serve as commander in chief.

“He came off a lot more intelligent than I had thought of him in the past, I didn’t really know that much about him, the only thing I heard about him was the Aleppo thing and the world leader thing so it made me think he wasn’t that well versed on things like would policy but he seemed much more knowledgeable this time,” said University of Chicago Sophomore, Michael Perry.

Other attendees came to the talk already decided on voting for the Libertarian nominee.

“I didn’t sway my vote because I already plan on voting for him. I was already going to vote Libertarian, it definitely solidified what I thought of him. I’m not really impressed with any of the other candidates and I thought he answered all the questions very well and I agree with what he thinks,” said University of Chicago Sophomore, Jonathon Dobie.

Bulls “Pink Out”

Originally Written Oct. 17


The Chicago Bulls showed their support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month at their last preseason game Monday night as they wore pink to honor the one in eight women who have breast cancer.

Over 100 breast cancer fighters and survivors, family members, physicians and breast health navigators attended Monday’s game at the United Center to raise awareness for breast cancer. This is the fourth year that the Bulls and Advocate Health Care have partnered to honor those affected by the disease for a special game in October, which is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Three Advocate patients and breast cancer survivors were dubbed honorary captains. Dr. Heidi Memmel, a breast surgeon with Advocate Health Care and breast cancer survivor, presented the game ball at center court.

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer just as I was starting my breast cancer fellowship which is totally ironic,” said Memmel. “I’m just so impressed that the Bulls and Advocate would hold such an enormous event to show their support for breast cancer awareness and research. It’s just so touching because my career is devoted to this, and a good part of my life is devoted to this as well.”

Maria Luisa Gonzalez, a Chicago elementary school teacher and breast cancer survivor, served as one of the game’s honorary captains.

“You know I’m a teacher and I explained to my children exactly what was going on once I had my surgery,” said Gonzalez. “I think that life is all about choices, and it is not easy but you can choose to be sad and feel sorry for yourself or fight, and that’s what I opted to do, and they really give me the strength.”

For the rest of October, other Chicago organizations will also hold walks, lectures and a variety of other events to encourage women to go get their mammograms and avoid breast cancer.


Hearst Magazines- Final Project Social Media Plan




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Hearst Magazines- Final Project Media Alert


MONDAY, JUNE 6, 2016


WHO:                       TrendingNY will celebrate the launch of its June issue as well as its partnership with Urban Outfitters on a limited edition home collection at the trendy Ace Hotel. Cover girl Gigi Hadid will be in attendance alongside the winners of TrendingNY and Urban Outfitters’ “10 Best Post Grad Pads” contest, featured in the June issue.

                                    Expected guests include: Gigi Hadid, cover girl; Emily Cronin, Editor in Chief of TrendingNY; Richard Hayne, Urban Outfitters, CEO

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WHEN:                    Monday, June 6, 2016


WHERE:                  Ace Hotel

20 W 29th St

New York, NY 10001


For Inquiries Contact:

Stephanie Rothman- 516-784-8807

Jackie Ciraldo- 941-409-5189

Lindsey Gallinek- 908-591-7714


About TrendingNY:

TrendingNY is Hearst Magazines’ free fashion, entertainment and beauty magazine for millennial NY women, and was launched in 2014. TrendingNY is published by Hearst Magazines, a unit of Hearst Corporation (, one of the nation’s largest diversified media and information companies. With 21 titles in the U.S., Hearst is the leading publisher of monthly magazines in terms of total paid circulation (AAM 1H 2014) and reaches 80 million adults (Fall 2014 MRI gfk). In addition, the company publishes nearly 300 editions around the world. Hearst Magazines Digital Media, dedicated to creating and implementing Hearst Magazines’ digital strategy, manages 18 websites for brands such as Cosmopolitan, Popular Mechanics, ELLE, ELLE DECOR, Esquire, Good Housekeeping, Marie Claire and Seventeen, as well as digital-only sites such as Hearst Magazines has published more than 150 apps and digital editions for the iOS and Android platforms. The company also includes iCrossing, a global digital marketing agency.

About Urban Outfitters:

Urban Outfitters is a global clothing corporation established in 1970, producing both products for fashion and home décor. They are under the leadership of parent company, Urban Outfitters Inc. and are headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The Battle Over Rainey

The space at 64 Rainey Street may only be a small dirt parking lot, but two of the City of Austin’s boards are in dispute over the site because of its location in the popular downtown district.

The Parks and Recreation Board on October 28 discussed turning lot into the site of The Rainey Street Historic Center, but the Mexican American Cultural Center Board seeks approval to designate it as parkland.

Parks Planning Committee Representative Ricardo Soliz said The MACC Board is looking at two other locations but prefer 64 Rainey Street as it is the only site physically on Rainey Street. “It’s the best place to display the history behind a street that has transformed into a vibrant and vital part of our community,” Soliz said.

The MACC board fears that it will take too much time for the construction of the historic center because of limited funds.

“The construction will be an eyesore in front of the MACC while there are several locations that could be used allowing us to transform the land for our own purposes,” MACC Board President David Carroll said.

Carroll said “exact plans for the future of 64 Rainey Street are still up in the air” but seeks approval by the city as parkland because it associates better with the MACC because of its center, which abuts 64 Rainey Street.

KVUE reported that a developer offered the city more than $1 million for 64 Rainey Street a few years back to improve the area. These improvements included parking solutions for residents but the deal fell through.

Michelle Thomas, a Rainey Street resident, said she likes the idea of preserving the street’s history. “It’s an absolutely wonderful idea to preserve a little bit of history here on Rainey,” Thomas said. “It used to be a neighborhood full of a unique group of people, and just because over the last few years it’s been invaded by condos, it has still held onto its culture.”

Not all those on Rainey share Thomas’ perspective. Many people who work at local bars on Rainey Street said that they wish to see the property serve a more logical purpose. “The street is growing so quickly that basic resources have become very limited recently,” said Rainey Street Craft Pride Bar Assistant General Manager Tre Miner. “It’s so hard to find parking in the area; the only option is to park in paid parking at condominium buildings, and it’s very expensive. Honestly, I come to work not knowing if I’ll be able to find a parking spot that day. We need parking garages over another tourist spot.”

His coworker Anders Dowd agreed. “It’s a waste of money! What’s the interest about one street that has only been here for about the last five years,” Dowd said. “The center would only demonstrate the area’s gentrification.”

With the community voicing its opinion, the Parks and Recreation Board extended discussion time to reassess.

“We have given our two cents about site challenges” said Parks and Recreation Board Director Sara Hensley. “Our biggest concern is that between insufficient funding for the historic center and the lack of concrete plans by the MACC, it is the board’s ruling that the matter must be postponed … to ensure an accurate recommendation.”

The Parks and Recreation board decided that it needed more time to consider the matter and reach the best decision for the city. They will meet again in 30 days to reconsider the matter.

ACL: Too big, Too fast?

“Oh my gosh she is going to slip, I can’t look, someone needs to get her down from up there!” said onlooker, Andrea Hiller in despair watching an ACL-goer creating a spectacle of herself ontop of the mock capitol art display. This year’s Austin City Limit’s Music Festival has drawn huge numbers, but with more people comes more of a chance that ACL could experience unwanted danger for festival goers. This was the case as an unidentified woman is arrested for Public Intoxication after she climbed to the top of a mock capitol art display in the middle of Zilker Park.

On October 12th, as the last night of the festival is coming to a close, an unidentified woman dances on top of an art display recreating the Austin Capitol statue in the middle of the park as the crowd that forms below cheers her on.

“ She is crazy, who does something like that? Climbing to the top of a non-interactive piece of art, dancing and simply she is acting really drunk.” The woman climbed up a few metal poles and hoisted herself onto the slim ledge at the top of the art display. People from nearby concerts gathered as they see a new type of audience, not surrounding a band, but a single woman dancing without a care above the crowd.

The crowd starts to diversify as festival security, Austin Police officers and off-duty “C3” security officers surround the rapidly growing scene. Repeated calls have been made to APD, with no response. However, the APD’s Public Lisa Cortinas, a Public Information specialist, states that this incident is “one of a kind that rarely happens with such a high level of security.”

The ACL Festival website promotes its positive view on safety issues stating, “We are making every effort to create a safe and secure environment on the Festival grounds. On-site security will be provided by the Austin Police Department, the Parks & Recreation Department police and a private security company. Emergency medical staff will be available on site. If you need any assistance, go to the medical tent, or look for a police officer or Festival staff member.”

This shows that the festival is highly prepared for a variety of circumstances in order to keep the attendees safe. This incident is rare yet unusual and fascinated many people who chose to partake in encouraging an unsafe situation by gathering and going the unidentified woman their attention over the ongoing concerts that surrounded them.

However, the unidentified woman did not seek assistance, but instead put herself in danger as she put on a show for audiences at ACL in a drunken haze. After approximately 30 minutes, C3 security officers found a ladder and rescued the woman. The off duty “C3” security officers arrested the unidentified woman at 9:30 p.m. and charged her with the one of very few public intoxication arrests. Repeated calls have been made to Austin police, and have not been answered at this time.

KVUE reported around 80,000 people attend ACL each day. During the two weekends, there were was one overdose incident but besides that there were a “very limited amount of arrests made this year due to increased experience with festival goers,” said V.I.P Productions Director, Aaron Garner. Assistant Chief Jason Dusterhoft said weekend one of ACL ran smoothly with only one arrest on festival grounds and two outside the park. “You have 11 last year, two this time. That’s a pretty big decrease,” said Dusterhoft.

Garner believes that as the festival books bigger names, the crowds will gain momentum as well. “With headliners like Eminem, it’s no wonder ACL has grown so much!”