Loyola Gives Back on Giving Tuesday

Loyola students decorate holiday cards. All the cards will be taken to Lurie Children’s Hospital. As part of Giving Tuesday, students and faculty gave back to the community by cheering up sick children undergoing treatment at the hospital, just down the street.


On Giving Tuesday Loyola University took a unique approach, offering students the opportunity to write holiday cards to children at Chicago’s Lurie

Hospital. It was a move that reflected Loyola’s Jesuit roots and sent a powerful message to students about the power of giving back.

“The mission of Loyola is one that is very tangible, its felt in many things that we do, so this is just a small snapshot of things we do to help others, giving back is just what we do,” said Director of Annual Giving, Stephanie Tomakowski.

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Two Loyola students write out season’s greetings on their cards. Cards wished greetings for Christmas, Chanukah and Kwanza. 


While other area schools push alumni and corporate donors for more cash, Loyola’s approach has stuck a chord with students.

“It’s really in the spirit of Loyola, being a Jesuit school with Catholic teachings about helping others, so hopefully we can be a role model for charity not simply meaning financially for other schools to follow in our footsteps,” said Loyola senior Taylor Hines,21.

Students stop on their way to class to help make card for the children at Lurie’s. A variety of scrapbook paper, markers, stickers, glitter and other decorative materials were offered. 


Loyola chose Lurie due to its close proximity to the school and its ties to the community. Tomakowski explains that Lurie is down the street from the downtown campus so as a neighborhood partner it was a natural fit.

“It’s not about money when you give, its more about the thought that counts, so I think this will cheer them up a lot more than a toy knowing that someone took time out of their day to make something for them,” said Loyola senior Melissa Souto,21.

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A student puts the finishing touches on his Christmas card with a snowflake cutout. 


For its third year, Loyola encouraged students to not only decorate cards but also make signs stating what they’re thankful for to share on social media platforms. Student Alumni Ambassador, Andrew Turner, discussed the significance of Giving Tuesday.

Students take a photo of them holding up signs describing what they’re thankful for this holiday season. They plan to upload it to Snapchat and Facebook to show their support for Giving Tuesday.


“We have a day for giving thanks, then we have three days of awesome deals, but then we have a day to give back and I think that’s a really important thing to remember for the holidays that it’s better to give than to receive.”


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