Red Bull Illume Comes to Chicago


Chicagoans stroll through finalists’ pictures in the Red Bull Illume 2016 Contest in Rogers Park on October 3.


Originally written Oct. 4


Chicagoans strolled through row after row of action and adventure photography lighting up Millennium Park Monday night, taking selfies and nodding in praise of the finalists in Red Bull’s annual Illume Exhibit contest.

The contest and tour occurs every three years and has been a fixture of the Red Bull brand.

“The city of Chicago wanted it and they made us great offer in terms of location with so many famous art institutions,” said Max Blair, public relations and communications manager of Red Bull Illume.

A judging panel of photo editors selected 55 finalists, 11 Category Winners and one Overall Winners, unveiling the results at the Red Bull Illume Winner Award Ceremony on September 28. Since then the photographs have been on display at Rogers Park in downtown Chicago.

“My daughter loves all things art so we like to go to as much as we can, this was free so we thought why not,” said Miranda Dalip, admiring the photos lit up like jewels and strewn across Millennium Park.

“It’s so cool!” said Dalip’s ten-year-old daughter, Marshella.

The exhibit runs from 6:30 p.m 10:30 p.m through October 9, with all finalist images touring the world into 2018. Marton Harsanyi came to the event before dinner with his husband because he thought it would be “a great palate cleanser.”

“The thing is usually at these art exhibits it’s all about war or starving children or something so I thought maybe this one time it’d be different since it’s about sports and action, it’s light, like I said it is only Monday night!”


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